01. His failing mark on the midterm only [underlines] his need for extra help.
02. The students were required to give a simple definition for the [underlined] words in the text.
03. I have [underlined] grammar mistakes in your writing for you to try to correct on your own.
04. The auditor's report [underlines] the need for more accountability in the awarding of government contracts.
05. Please [underline] any new vocabulary you use in your journals each week.
06. The high number of bicycle accidents simply serves to [underline] the need to develop a comprehensive cycling plan for the city.
07. The President himself visited the troops in Iraq to [underline] his commitment to stopping terrorism.
08. To [underline] their anger, the protestors began throwing bottles and rocks at the police.
09. Jin-ok carefully [underlined] all the new words in the reading for later review.
10. This continuing conflict [underlines] the importance of finding an agreement on territorial rights between the two countries.
11. This life-threatening injury to a player [underlines] how dangerous the sport is becoming.
12. She had carefully [underlined] in red the important points of the lecture in her notebook.
13. Head office has repeatedly [underlined] the necessity to reduce costs at our manufacturing plants.
14. The teacher drew a diagram on the board to [underline] her point.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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